Friday, February 7, 2014

About Pregnancies: What I Just Realized

It's like I just realized, like, truly realized, exactly how fucking creepy it is to get pregnant. Someone infects you with a virus, a parasite; and then it attacks your eggs, multiplies like crazy, then it attaches itself to your womb, sucks out all your blood; and then it grows, and grows and grows, until it's fucking HUGE.

And then it tortures you by causing immense pain as it prepares itself to exit your body, through a - usually - tight, tiny orifice also known as the vagina; then it pushes itself through your vagina and completely maims and mutilates it.

And THEN it has the AUDACITY to cry as if IT is the one who suffered, and demand to suck on your breasts whenever it feel like it for months on end; and that you wipe its ass and feed it for eighteen years, EIGHTEEN years; it's now one of yo' kids, got you for EIGHTEEN years!

XChromosome - Multiply
"We back on line, we came to ride
We build, we stack, we multiply
We stay on the grind until we die
And back for mo', cause we can't get enough!"