Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chris Brown vs. Jenny Johnson vs. Chris Brown Apologists aka Team Breezy

@frenikajs I'm sure @JennyJohnsonHi5 is not perfect. How would she feel if her past was constantly thrown n her face??

@annieLeBananie @frenikajs If she haven't done anything as immoral & heinous as beating up & trying to kill her partner, I'm sure she would feel just fine. 

@frenikajs @annieLeBananie wrong is wrong regardless of how it is perceived by the general public.

@annieLeBananie @frenikajs (Correction: hasn't*.) Right. What's your point? 

@frenikajs @annieLeBananie my point is: regardless of how u look at it, wrong is wrong. Unless u r perfect before God, don't judge. 

@annieLeBananie @frenikajs And what are you referring to as wrong? See, when you say that, you're being a hypocrite. Aren't you judging us for judging him?

@frenikajs @annieLeBananie I didn't judge u. I didn't say anything bad about u. I didn't say u were a bad person cuz of ur actions. I simply said that ppl shouldn't judge. Murder, beating, lying, stealing, etc r all wrong. don't belittle him as if he did the worse sin of sins. He did wrong..ok. but that dont affect u one bit. 

@annieLeBananie @frenikajs This became a long reply. Posted it here, so you can read it in its entirety:
But you DID judge us. By saying that we shouldn't judge him for his crime, you're implying that it's wrong, i.e. you made a judgement. A judgement you decided to act upon, by calling us out on it. Which, essentially, is the same thing we did with him. 

You're right, albeit context is everything, what you mentioned is usually wrong. But, the levels of seriousness are not the same. On a general level, lying isn't as serious as stealing; stealing as serious as beating; beating as serious as murder. You cannot say, that a person who has lied can't judge a person who murdered an innocent, because they both did something wrong. If that's the case, then no one can judge anyone. But that's your point, right? Well, then you must be against the legal system. Because that is solely based on judgement, to the point where there's even some people called judges. Guess what they do? Judge. 

So, if you're being consistent, and not selective, then you must never have called the police - and never will. Because that would be judging someone. And "unless u r perfect before God, don't judge." - But you're not being consistent, are you? 

According to some, the Bible states they're all equally wrong. Others say, pride is the worst. Some say blasphemy. If the first one is correct, then your argument is invalid, as there's no such thing as "the worst sin." One is just as bad as the other. Which, by default, means - his "sin" couldn't have been worse. If the 2nd one is correct, well, Chris Brown and pride - what do you think? So, if him beating up and trying to kill Rihanna wasn't the worst sin, his pride afterwards - according to the Bible - certainly was. Now, if the 3rd one is correct, it's safe to say, he scored again. Unless, of course, he's never taken the Lord's name in vain; and uttered the words, "oh my god." If he hasn't, then mea culpa - my bad. 

Yes, "he did wrong," and what he did wrong was heinous and sick. So, to say, "but that dont affect u one bit," is incorrect. Do I not seem affected? Does not an extremely large group of people from all over the world, seem affected? Aren't you? And why do you think that is? When you have the ability to empathize, some people don't, you get affected by other people's emotions, in this case, pain. It's not about whether it happened to us or her, it was wrong regardless of that. 

It's about consistency. It's about compassion. It's about standing up for what's right, and standing up against injustice.  

"You ought not abide, sitting calm in your home
saying, 'dismal it is, poor they are, and alone.'
You cannot permit it. You dare not, at all.
Accepting that outrage on all else may fall." - Arnulf Ă˜verland

I live by this - I always have. 

So, you see, it's not in my nature to be passive, stolid nor apathetic when something bad or wrong happens to others. Most people are comfortable doing nothing, or very little. They prefer not getting involved, or taking a stand. But fortunately, not all people are like that. And if you knew anything about psychology, you would know about psychopathy and ASPD. If you don't, then I suggest you look it up. People with both disorders are, as it is right now, near impossible to treat or change. And Chris Brown's extreme antisocial behavior over the past years, is indicative of someone who will not and cannot change. 

And although I reluctantly accept the existence of such people, I don't have to and will not tolerate it. And most of all, I will certainly and definitely not support it. What you allow, you encourage - what you permit, you promote. So, in this specific case, what can and should I do? Take a stand, get active, voice my opinion, protest and boycott - and that's exactly what I've done, and what I'll keep doing. 

A wise man once said, you must be the change you wish to see in the world. This is the change I wish to see. Some people just live and die, I'm not content with that.

I do what I can to make a difference.

@frenikajs Be VERY CAREFUL who you entertain because some people are C R A Z Y!!! #ImJustSaying

@annieLeBananie #Hypocrisy: "Unless u r perfect before God, don't judge." RT @frenikajs Be VERY CAREFUL who u entertain because some people are C R A Z Y!!!

@frenikajs @annieLeBananie u need to learn the difference between passing judgement and having an opinion 

@annieLeBananie @frenikajs And you need to learn the similarities. Keep rationalizing your hypocrisy, it's something religious people have a propensity for. 

Let me educate you: Define "judgement" ⇢ Why are so many Christians hypocrites? ⇢ #Think