Sunday, February 12, 2012

In Memory of Whitney Houston

Watching this video, listening to her incredible voice, listening to her music filled with memories, looking at that beautiful face and seeing her smile, just breaks my heart. It wasn't until right now that it really struck me - she's dead. Gone forever. I just can't believe it. This woman was a part of my childhood, the '90s wouldn't be the same without her. I remember hearing her music everywhere and seeing her music videos on MTV. And I remember The Bodyguard (...), oh god, my eyes are starting to well up. This is truly an incredibly sad day in the history of music.

Today I'm gonna fill my iPod with all her greatest hits, and when I come home, my roomies and I will get some snacks, some tissues (for me), pop The Bodyguard in the DVD player, lean back on the sofa and reminisce.

R.I.P. Whitney Elizabeth Houston, 9th August 1963 – 11th February 2012. We will always love you.