Monday, February 13, 2012

Chosen Quote of the Day

"I love how full to fucking brimming these comments are with people making sweeping comments about how "stupid" women are, etc. Because that's completely where the focus needs to be in conversations about domestic abuse: on women's stupidity rather than on the abusive behaviour perpetrated and sanctioned by men. You know what the problem with the valorisation of Chris Brown is? The problem is that nobody, including and especially other men, is stopping men from abusing women.

Like. Yes. These status updates are a mess and it's fucked up and not okay when women glamorise or tacitly endorse abuse but let's be real here: these women are not posting in a vacuum and they didn't create this idea; they're posting in the context of a culture where domestic abuse is routinely forgiven and washed away, where music execs and producers and awards shows and etc. will put you on a stage and give you a Grammy three years after you put your girlfriend in the hospital -- they're posting in the context of a culture which tells them implicitly and explicitly to think like this. And somehow they're the ones being critiqued -- not the power structures which keep Chris Brown and Michael Fassbender and a metric fuckton of other abusers in business. These comments are a god damn mess. A mess."

I agree on every point except for one thing, you are right, women as a whole are not stupid - but these women are.