Monday, December 12, 2011

I ♥ Real Men - An Intellectual Conversation About Pubic Hair

A: I find a bald vagina, or to be specific; vulva, both weird and disturbing, as it’s too childlike in appearance. As the saying goes, you can trim the hedges, but don’t burn the field.

As: The saying is wrong :P

A: Haha! You wish. Porn is no substitute for sex education in biology class, mate. If it was, then there would be a lot of girls who'd be disappointed to find out that not every guy has a huge, bald penis which can last for hours. And hours. Thanks to biology class and an ounce of realism, we do not get shocked when an afro-wearing, medium-sized penis shows up, with 2-3 minutes as an average time of an intercourse. Be glad.

As: But every guy CAN get a bald penis o.O Can't do much about size, though, and girls can't do much about the flaffies.

But hair is removable! Some like much hair, others don't like hair at all. Neither is weird nor disturbing.


A: "Flaffies", haha! My urban dictionary vocabulary is now expanded. Love it. Hair is indeed removable, some like it on and some like it off. Howbeit, the latter to me is weird and disturbing. For me not to find a bald scrotum/penis area weird and creepy, the guy better be hung like The Rock and buff like Tom Hardy so there would be no confusion about which age group he belongs to. Word.
As: You like hairy scrotums? =/
A: I like MEN, not little boys.
As: Never heard anyone express their love for hairy scrotums before D:
A: Weird, as most men have them. You love men, you love what comes with the package. You don't hang around straight women?

As: I guess they ought to make "I ♥ HAIRY SCROTUMS" shirts for all the lovers out there! I really don't care for hairy scrotums, though. As a matter of fact, I would be really turned off if presented with a hairy scrotum. But I guess that's why I'm straight :P
A: Or a shirt that said, "I ♥ Real Men" for all the lovers out there! Might seem a little redundant as it's usually a given. I don't really care for boys who go on a weekly basis to the beauty parlour to get their scrotum/penis area waxed. As a matter of fact, I would be really turned off if presented with a waxed scrotum/penis area. But I guess that's why I'm straight. Haha!