Friday, November 4, 2011

Sneaky Parents and Their Pissed Off Kids

(2:40) "Dad, you're UGLY!" and the two brothers at the end (2:44) were my favorite. I can't get over how incredibly intelligent the oldest one is (I'm sure the younger one is at well, ignore his math skills), it's like talking to an adult. Haha! And his brother is SO cute. What the heck?! This is almost exactly how I pictured my kids would be. As long as the oldest doesn't have an attitude and isn't this pissed *all* the time, only in situations like this one where injustice OBVIOUSLY has been done, I seriously hope I'll get kids just like them.

Mother: "Don't you guys think you ate enough candy last night?".
Oldest: "NO. I only had like ONE bite of candy, are you serious?! And then you ate the rest?! ...Oh, good for you! Now you're probably gonna get a belly ache. That's why you shouldn't eat so much candy".
Youngest: *gasp* "YOOOUU SNEAKY MOM!"

It's like staring into the future. Eerie.

Youngest: "2 + 2 = 5!".
Oldest: "No, it's four. But (...) you were SO close".

Hilarious! The worst thing is, it seems like he actually whispered "five" to his little brother, coaching him into saying it. If he did, then I have only one thing to say; YOU SNEAKY BIG BROTHER!