Saturday, June 4, 2011

Was Rihanna Raped?

For a long time, I have suspected that Rihanna has experienced rape. Even before she made this song. Her behaviour indicates abuse, especially in her childhood. So when she got in a relationship with Brown, which was very obviously a toxic relationship due to both of their personalities, it was a confirmation of my suspicions being correct. And then later to find out that she was indeed abused by her father, saw her mother being abused, and then to make such a music video, it was further confirmation.

Rihanna also does not strike me as a person who would bring awareness to something that wasn't close to home. She either know someone who's close to her who has been raped, or she's been raped herself. Brown is antisocial, and they often force themselves on others, and Brown has been accused of trying to rape someone in the past, which fits his personality, so I would not be shocked if he has forced her into doing something she did not want to do.

I don't particularly like Rihanna, but I feel for her if I am indeed right. There are very few people who deserves such a grave and torturous experience.