Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Lovely Conversation About Love

Men just want to love, with whom is not important.

KE: That's not exactly true I think^__^.

Me: Care to elaborate?

KE: I am hesitating... so, I guess you are right T_T. In fact, the sentence seems to be true both in erotic and platonic sense.

KE: 2nd + -2 thought... I don't think that it is man and woman's problem. It might be about how people perceive love.

M: Haha! Yes, I guess so. I would say that love is not men's problem, rather the people around them and their perception of it.

And I take it that is what u also meant with ur 2nd thought on the subject? This might seem like a cliché, but love is so powerful, even a little can have an extraordinary effect on the recipient. It's such a strong and pure emotion.

As many, I was once afraid of it, but one shouldn't be afraid of something that is good. One should cherish it, as not everyone is capable of feeling it, and not everyone is lucky enough to experience it. Thus I am glad for those who can, has, have, is and will - whomever they may be loved by, and whomever it is that they love. As long as no one is hurt - love.

KE: Wow *bow* - There are certain fundamental things that cannot be defined using other terms, electron for example>>

It defines itself (although it can be described - not defined by other words). I think 'love' is very similar. >>

Love is Love and it's beautiful thing. I love LOVE. and As you mentioned, those who love without hurt are blessed. >>

I want to believe Love is Love - "no change" Occasionally people can change^__^. and that's understandable too.

M: I completely agree. I had to think for a moment, and u are right. "Love" defines itself. In essence, there is no equivalent.

KE: Then let's put LOVE into old but newly discovered fundamental quantity ^__^.

M: I love love too. If you can feel it, it's impossible not to. It's a magnificent and wonderful feeling, in whatever form it may come in. I feel "cheesy" saying this, but I think love is everything that's good. Kindness, laughter, empathy... All is love. And I think we unconsciously acknowledge that all the time, like when we say, "I LOVE to laugh".

And, yes, occasionally people change, or do they grow up? Or apart? I don't ever think love is perfect, and I think that's why and how we know it's real. And haven't love always been a fundamental quantity? ^^

KE: Always pleasure to talking to you^__^. Let me describe tonight's version of LOVE using what I know >>

Feeling similar to having 'Sharpest Cheese' (bit aged) + OK dry dry wine + good company and what else?^__^

M: Likewise. Always a pleasure, 선생님. *Bows*

And to me; any place, those who stand closest to my heart, laughter - and nothing else.

KE: haha, I guess I am getting old^__^. I listen to my stomach often these days^__^.

M: Haha! It's inevitable, and who knows? I may require some red wine in the future as well, most do. I'm looking forward to it.