Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jerry Seinfeld Is An Arrogant Prick

  1. John Says:
    November 3rd, 2007 at 7:55 pm

    I like the Seinfield show…

    but on the personal level, Jerry Seinfield is an arrogant douche!

    My sister used to work at the Arizona Inn and Jerry stopped there and started smoking a cigar in a no smoking section. When she asked him politely to put it out (as it was bothering the guests) he gave the same pompis “Do you know who I am?” line he gave Larry King and blew smoke in her face.

    If I saw him in person, I’d kick him in the nuts.

  2. "My brother has actually met alot of famous people and he has a photo album of pictures with them. some he says were SO arrogant. the top of his list was Jerry Seinfeld. He said that is honestly the most arrogant person he has ever met in his life".

  3. "I know who he is... a self centered.JERK..I liked his show.. but hes not a friendly guy.. and I wont see that stupid MOVIE the bee movie either..".

  4. "(...) But then everything I hear about JerryBubby is that is is a prick to work for or be around. Mebbee it is about time people forgot about him and the "Much ado about nothing" TV series".

  5. Sirkerr

    I met Seinfeld, by chance, in a St. Louis elevator in 1990.....he was arrogant then, he is arrogant now. I say this as a person who loved his show then and watch Seinfeld reruns frequently.

    His remarks to Larry King were flip, not funny or humorous....................bordering on rude and embarrassingly disrespectful.

    The person who played the part on TV is the same person in real life. Self centered, self absorbed and an ego the size of his income.

  6. Jerry Seinfeld is an ASS

    Jerry is most definitely an asshole. I personally know several writers that worked on his show including some that are quite well known. It is an accepted truism among most hollywood writers that Jerry is a narcissistic insecure ass who wouldn't be anywhere without Larry David's brilliance propping him up.

    As for his wife... What kind of a %^&* leaves her first husband at the alter to run away with a celebrity. She's the worst kind of selfish self-absorbed trash. I have no doubt she stole the idea for her book from the original author.