Thursday, May 5, 2011

Introducing: Adult Baby/Diaper Lover - Paraphilic Infantilism

As read in books and seen on TV.

Paraphilic infantilism is the desire to wear diapers (nappies) and baby clothing in order to experience sexual gratification. It differes from a sexual interest in diapers (diaper fetish) by the fact that the "adult baby" wishes to be treated as a baby and is not merely interested in the diapers themselves as a sexual object but in the whole aspect of being like a baby.

Participants dress in baby attire and may be bottle-fed, breast-fed, fed baby foods, rocked to sleep, have their diapers changed and generally be pampered as if they were an actual baby. Both men and women engage in this paraphilia and the part played by the babies adult minder (termed a mother or a father) may be a man or a woman.

Participants sometimes describe that they get a feeling of athe lifting of responsibility and stress relief from their day-to-day lives and find a feeling of tranquility from having everything done for them.

Some participants continue the fetish outside of the home and may wear diapers and other baby items under their work clothing. The Internet has provided a forum both for image and videos of the fetish and also for retailers of baby clothing made in adult sizes to satify the market for such items. Some participants engage in punishment or humiliation fantisies, coercion and BDSM.

Infantilism is different from pedophilia in that infantilism is not concerned with the sexual desire for a real infant but in the sexual desire to be an infant.

Whilst many participants engage in a relatively harmless form of the fetish, psychiatrists do feel that if significant impairment or distress is caused by the fetish for a period greater than six months that psychotherapy is indicated.