Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Humor is No Longer Obsolete on The Book of Many Strange Faces

Áike er i regnskogen i Amazonas. For en skog!
    • Annie Is that a metaphor for an exotic vagina?
    • Áike Heheheeee! Du er litt av en grovis, Næmmen. :(
    • Annie Høhøhø! Wait, so you meant the *actual* Amazonas? Well, that's disappointing. Doesn't sound nearly as fun as a trip to an exotic vagina.

har forflyttet meg fra jungelen til sydpolen. Gikk fort.

    • Annie Uhm, the "Amazonas" WOULD be located at the "South Pole", if you know what I mean, *Wink*. Or is the "South Pole" a metaphor for a non-exotic vagina by Norwegian standards? If that's the case, then yes, that went fast and you're a ho.