Thursday, April 14, 2011


I just have to say this, I am extremely impressed. I was not a fan of BigBang in the very beginning of my new found love of K-Pop, because they seemed too animated and like a parody of American hip hop, which really put me off, but all the new songs that's been released from their new album are very, very good. K-Pop is often a couple of years behind the rest of the world music wise, but I love that and it's a part of the charm, but BigBang's (and TOP & G-Dragon's collaborative) new album is very contemporary and right on track.

This is the first time since I fell in love with K-pop and everything that comes with it, that I've seen this. And although I love the "typical" K-Pop, this is very refreshing and could probably be played by any radio station around the world. That's what's so genius about this new album, because of how contemporary it is, it wouldn't alienate listeners who weren't Asian nor accustomed to Asian pop culture.

This new album should and hopefully will have a mass appeal, and draw in new fans and some justified and well-deserved acknowledgement. Kudos to BigBang and every creative mind behind the new album, this shows some great talent.

Bravo! *Applause*