Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Britney Jean

Seeing this woman perform just breaks my heart. She's such a kind and naïve person, so innocent in so many aspects. I'm not a fan, because I'm never really a fan of anyone because it borderlines to irrationality and extreme bias, I'm talking about what I observe about her as a person. That's all she is to me, a person, like everyone else. And seeing someone in such psychological pain, and undeserving of it, it's horrendous.

She's very much a slave, with no say in almost anything in her life. She got sick, extremely sick, and most people who get sick, get time to heal and get better, she did not. Albeit it's very probable that her mental state is chronical, with something as serious as a disorder or illness, it's imperative to respect that and live accordingly.

But who would have thought, that someone as "privileged" as Britney Spears the superstar, does not have the right to get the peace that she so desperately needs. Something so banal, that most of us take it for granted, she can never have. A prisoner in a glass cage behind glitter polished bars. And to add to the irony, the court gave her father, who is part to blame for her tragedy, the conservatorship. And all the while, millions of people are screaming for her to "dance! Dance for us, Britney!". It's abuse on so many levels, that it's hard to stand the fact that there is nothing I can do but to watch her deteriorate, devoured by the greedy masses.

If someone doesn't see her pain, which is very evident in all her recent unstaged photos, videos and the likes, it's because they don't want to see it. Any psychologist, psychiatrist, body language expert or natural would be deeply saddened by this girl's eyes. I genuinly ache for this woman. One should never underestimate the pain imbedded in an abused psyche.

And coming from someone who's seen pain that makes your body wrench in agony, this is one of the saddest stories I've lived to observe.