Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ready For Takeoff

14. februar 2011 kl. 12:17
Annie is getting her wisdom tooth surgically removed today by a narcissistic dentist who looks like a George Clooney caricature, which makes her slightly worried. Why?
1.) His narcissism causes grandiose fantasies, so when he tells me that we don't have to wait for the ORAL SURGEON with a Ph.D, because his pretty SURE HE can remove it without any complications, is that a fantasy or a logical calculation?
2.) If this is NOT a logical calculation, the most frequently occurring complications are dry sockets and paresthesia - and I don't really want that.
3.) I'm a little nausious and I don't find George Clooney attractive, so having a 50 something year old George Clooney caricature doing the surgery, which is kind of creepy and weird, is not going to help. On the other hand, the mask he has to wear will.
Another thing that is going to help is all the drugs I'm going to get. Thaaaat's right, I'm getting drugged. And you know, kids, some say pot is hot, crack is wack, fuck a duck (screw a kangaroo, 69 a porcupine, orgy at the zoo), but I say:
"Ah, pierce me 100 times with your needles fine and I will thank you 100 times, Saint Morphine, you who Aeseulapus has made a God".
Better get ready. Packin' my passport and sunglasses,
'cause I'm flyin' high
into the sky,
to the land where pigs can fly.
Bye bye.