Thursday, December 2, 2010

So I've been thinking.

Gaysir - filed under the "no, I do not wanna meet you, fuck you and/or your partner or give you my msn" section.
I've never been the type of person to care much about giving or getting attention when it comes to attraction per se, but just for the hell of it I asked myself the question "who would be the perfect guy?". Well, I finally came to a conclusion.
The perfect guy would have
Stephen Fry's mind.
A mixture of Lee Joon's and Will Demp's looks.
Ryan Reynold's body.
Will Smith's talent and charisma.
Benicio Del Toro's height.
"Boom" Minho Lee's humor.
Barack Obama's ambitions.
Jason Statham's toughness.
Daniel Henney's sexiness.
Jackie Chan's virtues.
Jet Li's ability to protect.
Duncan Chow's smile.
Alex Wong's dancing abilities.
Bi Rain's drive.
Hugh Jackman's manliness.
Leeteuk's heart.
Liam Neeson's voice.
Or just be one the above, which is close enough.
Now, why am I telling you this? Because the prevalence of people matching this profile would be 0.3 % in men and 0.01 % in women. So to be realistic, and I'm an avid fan of realism, there is very little chance of meeting that person here. Thus, my only agenda on this site is to hang. Hangin'. Hangin' out. That's it.
Rock on, my friend.