Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dearest Creepers w/sexual deviance

7. oktober 2010
(Enter creeper w/sexual deviance here):
Alt bra med deg?
Pen mørk sjokolade fra Oslo som søker spenning...
Ta kontakt så får du vite mer...
msn: (Enter creeper w/sexual deviance here)@hotmail.com
(Enter creeper w/sexual deviance here)
I take it you didn't read my status, huh? Or you don't know how to read English, or ya just don't care. Either way, this message is going to suck, and not in the way you wanted it.
So listen up, Ol'buddy, Ol'pal, if I was after sex, all that would be required is for me to walk out the front door, into the middle of the street and yell "SOMEONE WANNA HAVE SEX WITH ME?!" and surely enough, after approximately 3 minutes there would be at least one person walking towards me waving their hand eagerly, yelling "ME! ME! ME!". Right now, your little penis head may pondering the question, why is that? I'll tell you why, one of the reasons: there's always someone ready to fuck a girl.
And also, the only dark chocolate I'm in the mood for today, is the one I've got in my kitchen cabinet with 70 % cocoa and 0 % spermatozoa. I've already got too much protein in my diet.
Now, be so kind and fuck somewhere else with someone else. In short: fuck off.