Friday, October 29, 2010

Dearest Creepers w/sexual deviance - Part 2

October 29. 2010
(Enter creeper w/sexual deviance here)(age 43):
Proud of you beautiful african goddess.... But please reconsider this fuck off thing to those who feel horny...
I think horniness is a blessing, it's a life force and beautiful feeling.
I think you will agree.
Have a nice weekend.

I usually wouldn't reply to this kind of message. But there's just too many things that's just wrong with and about yours.
Did you know that you're about the same age as my parents? Just wanted to mention that, because it would be deemed relevant in this context, considering that fact, and the fact that you're anonymous and the fact that you're talking about "horniness" - which is making me cringe.
I would think you would have to be born and/or raised in Africa to be considered African, like with any other nationality. So I'm sorry to inform you, I do not consider myself African just because I'm brown, albeit my father is. But that's my father. With your age in mind, maybe you know him.
And my status is well-considered, and therefore there is no need for any further consideration. Period.
Feeling horny is not a blessing, it's a necessity for the survival of most species. It's also a necessity to sleep, eat, urinate and to take a dump. That being said, it's not directed at those who feel sexually aroused, it's directed at those who feel compelled to proclaim their arousal with pictures, status or nicks. And that's not something I'm even remotely interested in. But you've already understood that, you just wanted to proclaim your own sexual arousal in a, Oh, so subtle way. You have the right to proclaim whatever you're feeling - as do I. And I want you to, Oh, so kindly
fuck off.