Monday, May 10, 2010

Why There Are No Gays In Asia:

Because in Asia you're not gay, you're funny.


BillyGoatLovesHikaru So he is gay? I'm not trying to be mean(though, asking if someone is gay isn't really being mean) or anything I was just wondering.
talinevogue Nah, he's not gay, he's just weird LOL. I like it though, it's cute and different. Alot of K-Poppers don't really show their true selves (or they do, but they end up being the usual celeb) but he's chill, he likes who he is. If I was a celeb, I'd look up to him because he doesn't care about what others think of him. He likes who he is and thats pretty much all that matters (:
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he's gay i can tell, i'm gay and i have the gaydar haha. you can tell by his voice and his movements. he is a really cool guy though. dont hate on me i'm just being honest hahaha

meichblank You are not the only who says this. A lot of people do too.

For me, I am just suspecting him.
Anyway, yeah, he is a cool guy (=

hansja112 I like his weirdness!!! my favourite out of them !!! Jo Kwon be yourself and don´t listen what others are saying ... *coughing while saying "madlad* xD
madlad1391 i wasn't saying anything bad i'm gay, there's nothing at all wrong with being gay i'm just saying i personally think he is. he's really talented and funny and i feel bad for him cos even if he was gay and wanted to tell people, he would probably lose his job like a lot of other korean celebrities who have come out.

hansja112 Do you really think he is gay?It could be... but why would he date girls in Mnet scandal.. because they don´t have to.. and if I would be gay (if I were a guy of course too) I wouldn´t do that Mnet Scandal thingy... because in that he seems really happy!

madlad1391 i don't know, i haven't seen it. but shows like that are normally scripted anyway, his agency don't let their members have girlfriends for a start, and like i said if he did come out he would probably lose his job, there's no laws against discrimination by sexuality in south korea.

RandomJtv Jo Kwon's diva swagger puts other bitches to SHAME!!! :D
1dbskfan I don't think he's gay but I wouldnt be surprised if he was.
I wouldnt care either,
he's hilarious :D

kimcat111 hes not gay LOL hes actually not :P
lol at all the delusional fangirls who say "he's not gay, he's just funny!"

Wtf is that supposed to mean? Are you saying gay = funny? Are you saying that he's putting on this "gay" act to amuse people?

Maybe he is gay and maybe he isn't gay, to me it doesn't really matter either way.

iHitomi96 why people keep saying kwon is gayy?
no im sure he's not. u know what? koreans are really cool. they have their own way to entertain people.
deal with it.

madlad1391 totally agree, i am a fan, it shouldn't even be an issue! and instead of all the crazy fangirls being like "NO WAY JOKWON IS NOT GAY I HATE YOU, BLAH BLAH BLAH" they need to focus on supporting him cos maybe if they did it would make it easier to come out :)
RandomJtv It honestly wouldn't surprise me if Jo Kwon were gay. He fits into that stereotype and seems to love any opportunity to switch into Jo'Wonce and diva swag it. But it really shouldn't matter to any of us. Half the girls that wanna get with him, can't anyway. So would it make a difference? *lol*

I just love how he doesn't care or seem concerned by what people think. If he did care that much, then he wouldn't do what he does. His diva swag is part of his charm. I love it.
FatMaliScoop His just out going man,, just cuz in the west EVERYTHING you do is classed as being 'gay' doesn't mean other countries are like that. In my opinion if your from the west, your obviously gona think weird of him, but things aint like that in the west.. and he even went on MNET SCANDAL show thing,,, so yh his straight
Cerbi01 i know right? actually, we shouldn't even care if he's gay or not; it's a non-issue, to be honest.

point of the matter is, like what's been said by many people, jo kwon is hilarious and we love him for that. <33>

Em...I'm sorry if I misread the comments, but is everybody equating being effeminate as being gay?
Coz he is just acting effeminate here. It doesn't showcase anything out of the ordinary in terms of sexuality?
People are just taking this issue too seriously when we could all just enjoy the awesomeness that is Jo Kwon :)
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Common quit that bull about effeminate does not equal gay. Face it, 95% of the time it certainly does whether you like to admit it or not. He's either gay or bi, not tat theres anything wrong with that.
vncandy he is so funny, he totally has that girly diva bitch potential :D
Wiriyapa He's awesome, and has that power since he was young.
Kelly101Girl yeah lol ppl are always claiming that hes 100% straight he just acts effeminate, but how do WE know if its just an act >_>

i dont think ppl should just assume its an "act" and hes not gay because we dont know the truth.

i think the same goes for other idols too. so NEVER rule out the other 2 possibilities unless your that person
iantanaka exactly. finally someone states the possible truth. jo kwon has gay extremely gay tendencies but only he himself knows if he's gay, bi, or straight. :D i'd love it if he was gay or bi though haha :D


Kelly101Girl yeah thats true in all but there IS a possibility that he can in fact be gay or at least bi...dont rule out that possibility cause we dont know since were not him
JoNPiN0Y I don't think he's gay. I think he's just one of those really effeminate guys. Besides, we all know he loves Sun Ye from the Wonder Girls...
warmoct0bernites jokwon totally reminds me of my guy friend, his voice is very soft and act very metro-sexual xD
but he has a girlfriend..
so jokwon may be the type to be gentle around everyone and act silly, but he's all man if he wanted to be.

Sunshine18392 i seriously dont tink he's gay... i have never thought that at all. even from the begining when i had no idea who he was. seriously. i love him though. he so funny !!
ATBNLINDO haha what a nonsense, just because it isn't commonly accepted yet doesn't mean anything. I'm not saying he's gay but that's really a bad point. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of gay people in the korean showbusiness but they can't reveal it or else they will lose their fans.
HaNeulMae7 he is not a gay, in korea, homosexual love is not common yet and people don't like it. it's social atmosphere. korean never doubt that kwon is gay. of course they think he is not a macho, but just understand so. high voice and slim body is naturaled. and in korea, if a man isn't masculine even, don't say or think "gay will be harmonize with you or me." of course there are absolutely exist gay in korea, but most people never worry about their gender identity in their life time.
doraemon2216 he's not gay. :P he's just too good in impersonating other people. :) he's too handsome to be gay. hahaha. :P
freakinpink01 lol "it's about men"
ah i love kwon! 

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this guy... couldn't be any "gayer", and NO it's not a problem. homosexuality is actually something natural and is found in most species, so relax about it. it's not the ones asking about whether people are gay or not that's making a big deal, it's those who react just like you and other's who are homophobes. THEY are the ones who make it seem like a "bad" thing, which it's not.

00VideoGirl9300 he talked about this already he's saying i really hate this RUMOR!! u can't just assume that he's gay this is something personal n sensitive the cultur is so diffrent u can say he's shy it was like his first time in a variety show but now he isn't so shy anymore and his funny personality is showing!! so please stop hating and spreading rumors on our jokwon k<33>

wtf are you talking about? what "hate"? is it "hate" assuming someone's gay? are you kidding me? stop projecting your own feelings towards homosexuality on to other people. it... is... obvious. of course, most people would be in denial too if they grew up in a culture that didn't accept it. nobody wants to be the black sheep or "the pervert" as some sadly may look at it. if he was from another culture, he would've come out a long time ago. and it's not a rumor, it's an opinion. calm down. jesus.

00VideoGirl9300 i'm not saying anything bad about being gay it's NOT my own feelings it's just that u can't say stuff like that about him i don't think u know him at all to even talk like that (couldn't be any "gayer") and i don't think u want to know him so i'm not going to waste my time anymore

gogogloriakim @Me i think ppl got offended when you said that because he really isn't gay > w > he asks feminine sometimes, but he mostly does it to be funny when he's on variety shows. :o from what i've seen of him in WGM, he's pretty much a normal guy :o

mackel1963 @Me ohmygod.. you may not know this but A LOT of koreans act like this.. i would know, since i'm korean.. it's part of how guys act here.. they're slightly more feminine and care about their appearance...

what your saying is kind of rude.. you should think about things before you speak

A you're telling me that this is the way they act? i may not be korean, so you've got an advantage, yes, and i have seen that it is common to use skinship among the same sex and that androgynes is a preference in beauty, but this is not the same thing. of course i was taken aback when i first saw how men in general acted, because this is not as common in my culture. but there is a clear difference between showing affection and being metrosexual, and being more effeminate than most women.

No one is out to "get" anybody, i'm certainly not. in this culture, this is not a big deal. i wouldn't be jumped by people for thinking that someone has a homosexual preference. it scares the shit out of me thinking that there's still cultures where this is a big deal, and something that shouldn't really be spoken about. where thinking that someone's gay is "rude". it's condecending to suggest that "gay" is something negative. maybe you should think a little yourself? 

mackel1963 @Me ok... look.. i never said tht saying someone is gay was rude.. wat i'm saying is wen you said this guy couldn't be any gayer was rude... i mean ppl should just shut up with his sexuality..

I have a friend who's gay and i love him to death.. i'm pretty sure i'm not suggesting tht being gay is a bad thing.. it just gets annoying... i don't think it's ANYONE'S business whether he's gay or not

flyingkart @Me What's the matter with you ? If you don't like him , just leave , or just keep your mouth shut

A @flyingkart
Get the fuck over yourself, and read what I've previously written if you want to get educated. You should learn to "shut up" yourself when you're obviously an ignoramus. "If you don't like him"... are you an imbecile? Where was there any indication of that I don't like him? Nincompoop.

Definition of denial: in a culture where there's extremely offensive to even insinuate that someone is gay, it doesn't matter how flamboyant you are, you're still "just a little effeminate and a funny guy" - not gay. You could suck on a penis in the middle of a stage and drag a string of anal beads out of your ass, and still be "just a little effeminate and a funny guy".
Here's to denial! Hooray!

Now let's do a little dance to celebrate our funniness: