Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What is that?

Why is it, that if you're a tall girl, people always assume you play basketball, but seldom assume that you're a model?

Why is it, that you never find your own farts disgusting, but everyone else's make you wanna vomit, even if yours smell worse?

Why is it, that when you drive pass someone, they're the slow retard, but when someone’s passing you, they're the psycho maniac?

Why is it, that when a fat person is eating junk food, they're pigs, but when a slim person is eating junk food, they're just eating?

Why is it, that in the same day, you can look horrendous in H&M mirrors, but look like a supermodel at home? I mean, aren't they supposed to sell the clothes they are offering?

Why is it, that when you eat carrots, you get even more hungry than you were before you ate any?

Why is it, that when a person is being fake to you, you automatically become fake no matter how hard you try not to?

Why is it, that if the subway's almost empty, and there are lots of places to sit, but the person entering the subway decides to sit right next to you, you get really uncomfortable and think the person is socially retarded?

Why is it, that you eat differently when you're alone in a public place full of strangers, but when you're with friends at the same place, you eat like a pig?

Why is it, that when an old guy is with a young girl, he's sick, but when an old woman is with a young guy, she's hot?

Why is it, that a slice of bread with topping taste like a gourmet meal when you get it at another household, but when you make the same meal at home, it taste like cardboard?

Why is it, that taking a shit is so satisfying, even when you're a girl and you don't have a prostate?

Why is it, that the same sex position you tried yesterday that felt amazing, felt like nothingness when you tried it today?

Why is it, that you can hold yourself for as long as an hour when you know there's no toilet nearby, but you almost pee a little on yourself when you know it's just two meters away?

Why is it, that when someone else has bought "Mexicana" it tastes really good, but when you buy it yourself, you get tired of it after three pieces?

Why is it, that "Laban" and "Non stop" is great snacks when it's in a bowl on a table, but it's crap when you see it on the shelf among all the other candy at the store?

Why is it, that when you see someone humming, singing or whistling alone in public, they're weirdoes, but when you do it yourself when you're alone, you're just chilling and having a good time?